About Tattle Life

Tattle Life is a commentary website on public business social media accounts.

It has a zero-tolerance policy for messages that contain hate speech, threatening behaviour, abusive language, incites violence, harassment, derogatory remarks, or any content that compromises privacy. In the very rare circumstance that these rules are broken the content is swiftly removed and the users are permanently banned and reported to the authorities if relevant.

Concerning privacy; even if someone themselves publicly posts something that compromises their privacy it can’t be repeated here. Anyone that posts addresses or steps to easily find an address will be permanently banned.

The message boards allow people to discuss the public posts of businesses. Discussions are not allowed about private accounts or friends/family members that haven’t chosen to put themselves out there. Messages that break these rules will be deleted and members risk being banned.

Members are not permitted to moderate the forums. Instead please report any messages you are concerned about for the moderators to deal with or file a take down request below. Moderators can be reported to the site owners using the form below, their role is to make sure the site adheres to the rules and will be stripped of their privileges

Attacks against forum members are strictly against the rules. People that join the site to derail, pick fights or insult members are trolling the message boards and will be banned.

We allow criticism of public figures on tattle life. Critical messages are only allowed if they are non hateful or threatening and follow all our other rules. EG Saying you don’t like someone’s coat is fine, talking about harming someone will get you instantly banned and reported to the relevant authorities. Telling someone they are not allowed to not like someone’s coat is breaking our rules on moderating and picking arguments with members.

Media posted onto the site must be for commentary and criticism so that it falls under fair use US laws. Tattle Life is hosted in the US and adheres to all relevant laws.

All of the messages posted on Tattle Life are the opinions of users and do not represent the owners of Tattle Life. If you have seen any messages that break the rules please do use the report buttons if you have an account or file a take down request below.

Take Down Request

If you believe our rules have been broken and don’t have an account please file a report below to request the take down of a post

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