Brummymummyof2 (Emma Conway) Deletes Post About Smashing Her Husbands Face In

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The Birmingham based mum greeted the new year with a post about her new year’s resolutions. Readers were quick to notice that one of them involved talking about trying to not want to smash her husbands face:

8.I will TRY and be tolerant when my other half doesn’t empty the tumble dryer, offers no help whatsoever packing for holidays and when he lies in on another Saturday morning. I will TRY to not want to smash his face in. I said TRY.

 will TRY to not want to smash his face in. I said TRY.  brummy mummy
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Several users commented that they felt it was inappropriate to even joke about domestic violence and if the genders were reversed there would quite rightly be outrage.

Comments were deleted from the blog from unhappy readers, before the whole post was deleted on the 3rd Jan 2020 after being live for three days.

Google is currently still showing links to the blog post. But after following the link users are greeted with an error.

The social media influencer is currently on a gifted holiday to New York City. Many are speculating she’s paid to be in NYC to promote DreamWorks Trolls the Experience as several mum influencers are also out there.

Since deleting the post that offended people Emma Conway has remained silent on the issue and continued to post on Instagram.

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from Emma Conway brummymummyof2 instagram
Emma Conway brummymummyof2 new york city Jan 2020
from Emma Conway brummymummyof2 instagram

Other readers were surprised that she posted about only earning a meagre wage and wanting to spend more money on herself. When she is a full time social media influencer without any other employment earning thousands a post and regularly gets gifted a vast amount of stuff for herself.

9. A small proportion of my meagre wage will be spent on my actual self. Not on half price children’s clothes in the Next Sale, overpriced magazines about kittens and Ariana Grande, a pass for CBeebies Land or a vast amount of Poundland tat and those fooking blind bags where the contents is immediately discarded in my car as soon as it’s opened.


Other users were concerned that she spoke about not bringing children to smear tests as her children are of school-age and it may put off other mums from having this important test.

Also users noticed this anecdote has been used several times over the years so maybe outdated.

6. I will not do any of the following with two children in tow; clothes shopping (too sweaty), food shopping in Aldi (why do they go so fast at the tills?), eating in fancy restaurants (too messy), emergency dentist appointments (too hard to shout at children with a numb mouth) and smear tests (worries about psychological impact).


Should brummy mummy address the post about smashing in her husbands face?

What do you think about a mum talking of smashing in her husband’s face? Share your comments below with the community

8 thoughts on “Brummymummyof2 (Emma Conway) Deletes Post About Smashing Her Husbands Face In”

  1. She is disgusting to even to pretend to joke about domestic violence. As others have stated, if the remark was made by a male regarding smashing a females face in , there would have been uproar!
    I think she tries to come across as quirky and funny but a lot of her comments are ridiculous and extremely immature for an ex teacher and woman of 42 years of age.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! She should be a little more responsible in her posts and DEFINITELY more grown up! She’s so NOT quirky and very unfunny. She’s also extremely fortunate to be gifted a holiday to NYC with her husband and children. She doesn’t object to having 2 children In tow on that trip does she?!

  2. Absolutely disgraceful, she should address why she feels it’s appropriate to threaten violence against her husband, domestic violence is no joking matter

  3. This is so awful and I can’t believe that someone would even think about writing this! It’s about time that people online are held accountable for their actions.

  4. She has mentioned smashing his face in on more than one occasion. She also admits to being a violent drunk often brawling when she was younger and she claimed that is why she no longer drinks but post pics of herself on the gin and cocktails. Wouldn’t be surprised if she really is violent towards him. Vile excuse of a woman


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