Why Mother of Daughters Clemmie Hooper is About to Return to Instagram

clemmie hooper returning to instagram

Clemmie Hopper aka mother of daughters is imminently returning to Instagram. She’s taken a hiatus from the Facebook owned social media site Instagram since admitting to using the online gossip forum tattle.life to talk about fellow influencers.

It’s still unknown why Clemmie admitted to her peers that she made some bitchy remarks on a gossip site. But in the grand scheme of things they weren’t that bad, more or less same thoughts we all have about our coworkers.

What Clemmie Hooper really did is lift the lid on Instagrammers and instamums in particular to show that they aren’t all women supporting women. Instead what we have are women in a highly competitive industry that present an image of gushing praise about their peers, but behind their backs they have less than admirable opinions. Clemmie Hooper is certainly not alone in this, it’s very prevalent in the “Instamum” world.

Keep reading to see why she’s about to return to Instagram and has no intention of retiring from social media.

Mother of Daughters Admits to Using Tattle On Instagram Stories

The top tier Instagram mum admitted on the 7th November 2019 that she used tattle after lots of smaller instamums were spreading rumours that she had hurt them:

mother of daughters admits to using tattle
clemmie hooper admits to using online message board tattle life

Tattle life users were quick to notice that her story didn’t quite add up as she started posting to rant about other Instagrammers and was the 9th person post on her own thread.

She has not posted on her own account since the 7th November.

Although someone has been using the account as the number of people mother of daughters was following dropped from over 3000 to less than 700. The Instagram profile has been deactivated and reactivated several times but as of the 29th December it’s disabled.

Her husband Simon Hooper goes by the moniker Father of Daughters. He addressed the drama surrounding his wife on the 9th November with photos and videos taking their dog for a walk.

Father of daughters claimed to have no idea what his wife was up to. However he also said that he would not delete any posts on his grid for the corresponding post and lots of comments were deleted.

Simon Hooper responds to his wife using gossip site tattle.life

Father of daughters continued to make content and do adverts including flying out to Abu Dhabi to promote the city / Emirates airlines but did not mention his wife for over a month.

On the 10th December the Clemmie was mentioned in the text of a post:

clemmie is mentioned

Mother of daughters could also be heard in the background of video stories posted at the same time.

However it wasn’t until Christmas Eve that Clemmie hooper returned in a video on her husbands Instagram. It was quite rabbit-in-headlights.

Clemmie was also posted on her husbands feed with the Christmas Eve spread:

clemmie hooper spread

And together for the first time since the tattle life drama, all on her husbands Instagram stories.

clemmie and simon hooper merry christmas

Now bringing us up to the current day on the 28th December 2019, a photo that appears to be from the same Christmas Eve party was posted on the timeline of the Father of Daughters account.

This is the first time since the drama a photo has been posted of them together that allows public comments.

clemmie and simon hooper posting on the timeline of father of daughters account

Now before we get on to the comments, many users have commented on how different the social media stars look in last years Christmas photo:

The slow drip of Clemmie Hooper back on social media is clearly an attempt to test the water.

These are the most liked comments from the photo:

Fans are keen for the megastar social media mum influencer to return

From these comments, she’s expected to return and re-activate her mother of daughters account in the next few days.

Clemmie Hooper did disappear from her agent’s site, but her husband remained so it’s likely just a temporary thing while the hoo-ha blows over.

Since the drama Simon Hooper has only been using his two young identical twins for content and the older girls have not been used.

Are you keen for Clemmie Hooper to return to Instagram?

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  1. Anyone else who uses tattle is a troll, jealous, middle aged bored woman who isn’t getting her leg over BUT because it’s
    Clemmie it’s all ok & should be forgiven. Give over


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