Revealed How Much UK Social Media Influencers Are Earning Per Post

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The social media influencer market is continuing to speed up and even people with a modest amount of followers are making 6 figures a year. Instagrammers that have a targetted audience (like beauty or mothers) are able to request lucrative amounts to promote products they’re sent.

Figures below are the typical fee these people charge for 3 Instagram stories and 1 Instagram grid post.

These fees do not take into account the freebies that usually accompany adverts. If it’s a high-value item like an all-expenses-paid holiday the fee is often reduced to reflect this.

How Much UK Instagrammers Charge

In ascending order, spoiler alert but the highest earner is £40’000 an AD.

Sarah Ingham / The Ingham Family


sarah ingham instagram paid for advert

This family were earning at least 10 times this fee before they were involved in scandal after scandal and dropped by their agency. Now most of their adverts are for mobile games that are not high payers.

Rebecca Lamb


rebecca lamb instagram paid for advert

She may only have 45k followers but thanks to channel mum who are able to secure high rates she’s the breadwinner for her family. To be full-time influencer and make a large amount with a small following you do need to do a lot of adverts that can conflict.

Mrs Meldrum


mrs meldrum instagram paid for advert

She may have over 200k followers on Instagram and Youtube but since she departed from Channel Mum she’s not able to get such lucrative adverts.

She left the iTV part-owned* Channel Mum following several scandals including misleading viewers about a holiday to Disneyland Paris that was an advert and releasing a video where a friend joked about the KKK.

Candice Brathwaite


candice brathwaite instagram paid for advert

The former madam has tempered herself to appeal to family brands and is securing a lot of adverts.

Emma Conway / Brummy Mummy of 2


brummy mummy instagram paid for advert

The reality TV loving social media public figure often makes regular use of her two children to promote products and brands.

Sali Hughes


The beauty guardian columnist got this job by herself and her friends campaigning on twitter to replace the existing writer. These tweets are now deleted but evidence remains across the internet.

Due to her focus of beauty, she’s able to command a lot per advert. Some fans have been disappointed that Sali has not been forthcoming with her use of Botox.

Lydia Millen


lydia millen instagram advert

This blogger has concentrated on high-end fashion and beauty. Because of this niche shes able to make a good amount from her 800k followers.

Alfie Deyes


alfie deyes instagram advert

One of the original UK influencers has lost over 500’000 followers in 2019 alone. But is still able to command a high fee, however opportunities are less available for men and he chose to leave gleam futures.

Deyes did a multi post deal with Mini involving jetting around the world to promote their electric car in 2019.

Father of Daughters / Simon Hooper


simon hooper instagram advert

The instadad has a huge female following thanks to his photogenic identical twins.

His wife Clemmie Hooper has taken a break from social media after she admitted to using the gossip forum

Jim Chapman


jim chapman ad

Despite often only getting 20 comments from his over 2 million followers, thanks to the power of gleam futures Jim is still earning well from each AD.

Some brand choices have conflicted as adverts in 2019 only weeks apart Jim was promoting business class flying and then reducing your carbon footprint by buying ethical fashion.

Poppy Deyes


poppy deyes instagram advert

The sister to Alfie Deyes has amassed over a million followers since she started hanging out with Zoella (Zoe Sugg). After signing to gleam futures she began to monetise her followers to a great success and now owns a house in Brighton.

Tanya Burr


tanya burr instagram ad

Affordable fashion and beauty items are often advertised by London based Tanya.

Zoe Sugg


zoe sugg instagram ad

Zoella aka Zoe Sugg was at her peak in 2015, since then her growth faltered and began to decline after a £50 advent calendar that viewers felt was vastly overpriced.

Things weren’t helped by her Cordially Invited book that was full of basic advice like take an umbrella on a walk and lists of board games to play. Two pages were taken up with scant advice as to how to make a chalkboard – 1, decide what to write. 2, write it! A further two pages were taken up explaining how to make basic paper chains that all primary school level children know how to make.

Despite this she still has about 9 million followers so can still command a high fee, but with a low engagement rate a huge percentage of these are thought to be inactive followers.

Mrs Hinch


mrs hinch adver

The saleswoman turned social media cleaning influencer had two of the best selling books of 2019. Sophie Hinchliffe has super high engagement rate of nearly 7% and so many active followers (her agency claims 800k people view her stories daily). These followers are highly targetted to her niche making her amongst the highest paid social media influencers in the UK.

Since becoming a mum to baby Ronnie she shows no signs in slowing down and has changed her content to include more adverts for baby brands.

Her biggest deals are with proctor and gamble, they use the account @joyofclean to appear less corporate. The multinational won’t be paying her going fee per post as they have a long term arrangement for regular posts in exchange for a highly reduced fee. Mrs Hinch tends to post only on stories and can often be posting 50 a day.

Do you think social media influencers are paid too much?

How the UK Social Media Instagram Fees Were Calculated

The figures have been calculated using 3 people that have worked in marketing and social media for a combined 7 years and have worked with the big social media talent agencies.

For privacy reasons, we can’t divulge what fees are actual and what are estimates but all the information is calculated as of January 2020.

All screenshots of adverts are just for illustration here, and do not confirm how much someone was paid for that ad as the figure is an average estimate. Often influencers do lower fees if its likly to bring in more work, or if they accept a rate as pitched to them.

Let us know what you thought of these figures and any comments you have below:

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