FaceBook Here Together Advert – Changes for the UK

FaceBook are showing this advert a lot on youtube. Unfortunately, the comments are disabled but it is 80% disliked.

Not sure what to make of it; FaceBook pretending to be all nice and fixing things just makes them seem more nefarious to me.

A worse version of all the bank adverts where they pretend to be your best friend.

I do wonder what all the changes coming to FaceBook will be. From the outside and working in the industry most publishers see this as Facebook just limiting political posts to approved pages, hiring people to manually review fake news and reducing the reach of pages (unless) they pay for ads.

Before all the issues with Cambridge analytica FaceBook was changing the platform to be “more meaningful” which in reality means more photos of friends breakfasts pushed into your and less from the pages you’ve liked and engaged with.

The advert links to a fluffy page that says little of substance.

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