Mrs Hinch Releases a List Notebook for £12.99

mrs hinch little book of lists

After writing an activity book the former salesperson turned Instagram cleaner is back with a book full of lists.

Mrs Hinch the little book of lists is out on the 2nd April 2019.

mrs hinch notebook

The book is in black and white, but the social media star with over 3 million followers suggests people use highlighters.

Eagle-eyed people on the forum already found out about the book before the announcement, as is often the way!

The new list book is already at #1 on the Amazon UK charts.

The book also features colouring in pages between the empty list pages.

Some fans from her popular facebook groups are not impressed:

The publishers have released the following description of the book

Welcome to your Little Book of Lists!

A whole book filled with just lists! Notebook goals!

My idea of absolute heaven!

As you all know, nothing helps me feel more organised than putting pen to paper and getting everything that’s buzzing around my head down on to the page.

Inside you’ll find loads of Hinch Lists and Fresh’n Up Fridays to help you plan your hinching, as well as Tadaa Lists which I love to look back on and feel proud of.

Nothing feels better than ticking off those boxes and putting down my crystal pen at the end of a productive day.

I really hope you’ll find this Little Book of Lists, all together in one place, helpful!

Happy hinching, Hinchers!

Love, Mrs Hinch xx

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  1. 12.99 seems to be the going rate for notebook merch. The Ingham Family have one out too all yours for 2.99 on Alibaba or 12.99 from their ifam store.

  2. I feel so sorry that she targets people that really can’t afford it. You can buy a note book from the pound shop if you want to make lists.

  3. Unbelievable! What are people thinking feeding this greed. Of course she’s grateful these people are funding her lifestyle and saving her husband from having to work too!
    Wake up people and just use a piece of paper and a pen.

  4. Absolutely ridiculous price for a book of blank lists. To do list pads are available for 99p in Poundland etc…Spend it on your kids, grandchildren or treat yourself to something or better still, leave it in your bank account.

  5. So you print the half a dozen negative posts and ignore the hundreds of positive s! And it’s £10 not £13. And it’s now No 1 best seller on Amazon ! Poor journalism.

  6. I prefer a piece of rough paper pinned to the noticeboard. Cost – ZILCH. Money saved on not buying a book like this to be spent of something useful and long lasting. No wonder the world is in such a mess when so many rush to buy something just because a so called influencer tells them to.

  7. People seem to have more money than sense. They are creaming their knickers over this crap lol stop I want to get off!

  8. At the end of the day I applaud small business’s trying to make a living and I applaud strong women. We all out here trying to live our best lives and make some money?! However, I feel mrs Hinch is coming across as fake. She doesn’t seem to be real if that make sense?! She just acts dumb and is like “oh guys I don’t understand why this is happing to me……?! Mrs hinch let me tell you something. People will respect you more if you just be a bit more upfront and honest. I literally was your biggest fan and so were my sisters and friends and we’ve all noticed the change in you. Everything is so manufactured like your a puppet and it’s a put off to watch your stories now

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