Cringeworthy Poem From Brummymummyof2 Emma Conway’s Poetry Book

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The social media mum is releasing a book of 77 poems called Will I Ever Pee Alone Again?: And other happy, heart-warming poems for mums on March 5th. Recently she was involved in a scandal after talking about smashing her husbands face in.

I have a funny relationship with my tummy.
It’s soft and squishy and held humans that made me a mummy.
I occasionally wish I was a little bit slimmer.
Maybe I should stop eating cake then I’d be on to a winner.

Sometimes my children say “but Mummy it’s SO wobbly”.
The skin is rippled and stretched and bobbly.
When I run it goes one way, my boobs the other.
But rather than stopping at one biscuit I think “sod it I’ll have another”.

I’ve accepted the fact I’ll never be slim.
When I find a top that hides my tum I see that as a win.
I like tights that cover it and go right up to my tit.
And a giant pant that goes over it is considered a hit!

My belly is just one part of me and doesn’t represent who I am.
It doesn’t stop me from having fun and didn’t stop me from finding a man.
When I laugh it moves and it’s glorious to see.
My kids love my belly as my belly’s part of me.

So next time when you see your tum and it makes you feel kinda sad.
You can’t get into jeans you want and it leaves you feeling mad.
Focus on the best parts of you, your eyes, your nose, your chin.
If you start to love yourself more I’ll consider this a win!

Your body is just a vessel that holds your inside bits.
So ignore your giant belly and your long old saggy tits.
Focus on what makes you happy and ignore that massive tum
Never ever EVER let it stop you from having loads of fun

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