Why Father of Daughters / Simon Hooper No Longer Has 1 Million Followers

father of daughters loses followers

In the fickle world of social media nothing lasts long.

Only a few months ago Simon Hooper known as Father_of_daughters was celebrating reaching 1’000’000 followers and now he’s down to 999k.

The social media dad has been losing followers for the last 3 months. Long before the hoo-ha with his wife using the gossip forum tattle life.

The followers’ graph shows that Simon Hooper has been losing followers before the controversy surrounding his wife in November. But it does seem to have accelerated the bleeding of followers.

He dipped below 1 millon shortly after posting some stories about moon cups, condoms and erections. The condom and erection stories were shortly deleted from Instagram before they expired.

simon hooper condom

The dad influencer drew criticism when he advertised the Abu Dhabi state owned airline Etihad due to their human rights records that conflict with his constant message about “raising strong women”.

Viewers were also disappointed that with climate change such a concern for many that he flew out for a weekend away in a premium cabin to advertise formula one in Abu Dhabi.

Father of daughters abu dhabi

Hooper has had a few days where he gains followers, these have coincided with shoutouts from foreign accounts. Like this Indonesian parenting Instagram page.

Father of daughters indonesia shoutout

No offence to anyone reading in Indonesia but with the fortunes charged per AD, I doubt brands would be happy to know that lots of his most recent followers (and therefore the most likely to see his post) are based in the far east.

Simon Hooper is known for luxury items including an advert for a £1’500 BBQ and £4’000 bathroom sink.

the 4’000 sink for father of daughters daughter’s bathroom
father of daughters bbq advert

With Instagram’s algorithm often 80% of someone’s followers don’t see their posts as people that don’t engage with an influencer’s post or do something positive are not pushed into someone’s feed. This does reduce the amount of unfollows because people forget to unfollow someone if they no longer see their posts.

Lots of people have commented that Simon Hooper’s content is becoming forced and contrived comedy that is getting people to hit unfollow.

A user on the Tattle Life forum revealed that Simon Hooper has sold 5.5k copies of his book since it was released in 2018. 5k hardback sales (since spring 2018) 560 paperback sales (spring 2019).

Publishers have been quick to jump on influencers since Zoella had massive success in 2015, but they’re now finding out that large follower numbers don’t always translate to large book sales.

However Clemmie Hooper’s pregnancy book has been a huge success and sold over 60k copies.

thread suggestion father of daughters tattle life

A tattle life user suggested the thread name “if you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 999k followers and my wife ain’t one” for their next thread.

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