Dear Part Time Working Mummy

An open letter to Part Time Working Mummy / Rachaele Hambleton

I’ve never followed you, but I remember that post you wrote years ago about being in Mothercare with the new mum who was struggling. It was shared thousands of time; you touched women – some mums, others not for whatever reason. But it resonated, because as women we get a fucking shit deal in life. I didn’t read the other post about a woman on a bridge, but again – that resonated with many.

Slowly, your page grew and grew. Mums who were sitting at home, tired from a sleepless night, worrying how to care for children alone, living in abusive relationships, trying to feed their families on a limited budget. Wow, they could relate to you. This wonderful mother who wasn’t just raising children but also her husband’s from another relationship. What a woman!

Your daughter was traumatised so much by her father that she requires therapy. Those boys’ mum was such a neglectful alcoholic that they were not permitted to see her.

Your husband, a heroic police officer working nights and making right what was wrong in the world. You began to work with domestic abuse charities and you were taking in referrals in the middle of the night – services were ringing you to accommodate women and their children. Amazing. This woman who empowered other women.

You’d bring them to your home, around your family, show their photos to the world of their happy faces.

Your followers grew and grew… baring in mind that 1 in 4 women are affected by domestic abuse so chances are the majority of those followers are or have been victims themselves at some point. They see you as a beacon of hope. You make the long days better with your words, they also feel like their kids are turds too. Hooray for someone who admits this!

You wrote a book about your life and these followers bought it, as seen in your Instagram stories, the majority are women. Tired, kids in the back ground, strong coffee at hand. You make them feel better. You had a shit life and now look at you… beautiful family and home. They can have this too.

But then Tattle happened… and you directed people here (me included) with your emotional story. I expected nastiness, vitriol, hatred… some posts are unfair but I scroll past. The majority are from women whom are intelligent, articulate and fair. They ask valid questions. They are concerned regarding your lack of safeguarding, your change in lifestyle but lack of transparency, your lies.

You wrote a book and gave someone a pseudo name of ‘Sam’. That is your stepsons’ mother’s name. You had no consent from her to write about her in your book, but you still went ahead. Those ridiculous followers that you have will read this book and know personal information about her. Did you mention that you had an affair with Josh, that he left on their son’s birthday and that you broke her and she turned to the bottle to cope?

Have you tried to maintain contact between the boys and their mum, seeing as you are a champion of women?

If T, your daughter, is so traumatised/shy/timid… why have you permitted her to use social media – a particular media that is commonly used amongst sex offenders? It is irrelevant that ALL her friends use it; you, as a fucking ambassadors of Kidscape should know better and use that as an example. God… you could’ve posted how dangerous it is and your moronic followers would have deactivated their children’s accounts too… you literally could have done something positive in safeguarding children.

Instead, you wrote a message to say T uses it on your phone… when? It’s glued to your hand?

You have written countless posts about ‘working’ with Women’s Aid or Refuge and you do not. You are not qualified to do so; you do not work in a refuge, you do not offer outreach support. Your home is not and should not ever be used as accommodation for vulnerable women. They should never be on your social media accounts and especially not their children.

You portray yourself as this woman who does so much good for DA victims yet your teenager daughter lives in the garden. You do not show respect to your husband and neither do your children; if he treated you as you do him – your morons would be in uproar.

Yes, you breastfeed. Now stop. Stop with the videos and photos and stories… there are women who cannot breast feed due to physical abnormalities, pain, inability to latch (me) or just don’t fucking want to. Stop ramming it down our throats. There’s enough of that in the world.

You cannot possibly think it’s okay to post asking for donations of prams when you’ve been gifted one worth £900.

You cannot post asking for donations for women leaving refuge when you were gifted a conservatory.

You cannot ask someone to donate to your PayPal when you have perfume worth £200 by your bed, a zoo in your garden, designer clothes, a cleaner and a stockpile. Don’t be greedy. Don’t exploit vulnerable women who have fuck all to give but do because you’ve resonated with them (with your lies). You are not relatable anymore Rachel. It’s time to leave the DA/safeguarding/empowering women stuff behind. Leave it for those of us like me… who after paying for childcare, rent and food has fuck all each month but still gets up each morning to REALLY WORK IN DA. You enrage me because you exploit these women that I strive to protect. You have made money from the back of being a champion for these women and you are not Rachel.

Your moronic followers have low intelligence, most likely to be unemployed and the type that call themselves “yummymummy” or “leylasmummy”, each day is a fucking struggle and the summer holidays have been hard trying to raise children on a low income. They look at you getting your feet rubbed, sitting on the sofa with your #gifted deliveries and you give them hope that it won’t always be like that. That’s what they mean by “all she does for other people”… it’s what you do for THEM. That hope. Exactly like the Mothercare post (which I think turned out to be made up, wasn’t it?)

How awkward it must have been for you to have KDIL cry about her issues with PND and seeing your new baby… will you be next with the PND bullshit (by the way, I was sectioned for hearing voices and wanting to push my baby son’s pram under a lorry so all these mum bloggers’ continual droning on anything to do with pre and ante natal stuff for likes and followers just tires after a while).

Be a good friend and encourage her to see a counsellor, or invite her for coffee. Try and get her to stop over sharing personal issues and maybe share them with her husband? But that wouldn’t be right coming from you because you’re exactly the same. Anything for the gram! You post a photo of a csection scar and the painful recovery the same time as your timid daughter posts a photo of you dancing.

You are greedy Rachel. But the higher you climb, the harder you’ll fall. These morons that idolise you will whittle away and your beautiful children will grow up with many questions. I wouldn’t sell my family’s mental health for all the #gifts in the world.

Please stop with all the penis, vag, nipples talk.
Please stop writing that you cried in the supermarket and required comfort from your husband and reassurance that you’re not fat. You have a teenage daughter and your morons will also be impressionable (I mean… they actually followed Betsy’s teenage boyfriend so)


  1. Never have I ever read so much sh**
    “Exploiting these woman I strive to protect” yet have branded them all “morons” With “low Intelligence” numerous times! What a vile person you must be.
    I suggest concentrating on your own life instead of putting so much time and energy into tearing someone else down, are you that unhappy in your life that you have to put your energy into this?
    Spread kindness, you might be a little happier.

    1. I kindly suggest you do your research in to who this woman really is. She requested paypal donations that people could give to monthly, yet there is no evidence of where this money has gone. Then there was a sudden and dramatic change in her life style. Notice how much she buys and the cost of the things…that is money given to her by her follows who think it’s going to DA victims. It’s not!

      Did you also notice that follows set up a ‘GoFund’ me page to that raised nearly 20k for her when she said her landlord was selling, so that she could buy her house. Yet a couple of years later it is still rented and she’s 20k richer…

      The money I mainly coming from people who are literally giving their last £1’s they can afford monthly to help others. Yet she pockets it and is now running this new life style in their faces. She is not relatable anymore.

      Please look into this, if you still feel the same about her after doing your research – fair enough. But everyone should at least know the truth.

  2. Whoever wrote this, well done. She’s a rancid piece of trash. She videos her children crying for entertainment purposes. She talks about her difficult childhood With an absent mum, but she sends one of the kids there every week.
    She and her equally loathsome husband brag about their perfect life with his sons to another woman yet fail to mention how their relationship began – an affair behind the first Mrs Marshall’s back. No wonder she struggled to cope.
    I’ve seen her tits more time than I’ve seen my own. We get it, love, you can titfeed. Who cares? Apart from your weirdo husband who you have said gets off On it.

  3. Hit the nail on the head with this post! Some will continue to be blind to her real motives, but most of us are beginning to, if not already, see through the lies, the fraud, the deception and the utter self centeredness.

    I can’t wait for the day her world comes tumbling around her, because all that will be left is a mountain of free gifts. Either this or she actually owns up to everything she’s done, speaks the truth and begins to put it behind her away from ‘limelight’.

  4. I totally agree with everything that has been said. PTWM has sold her soul – she is a liar and a fraud. She is not relatable in the slightest bit anymore – she is selfish and greedy.

  5. Wow such hatred and viscous words from some shallow and envious woman. Writing this doesn’t make us hate PTWM but makes us pity you all and hope you all get the help you so obviously need.
    These boys wouldn’t be with their dad and not see their mum if it wasn’t in their best interest. All the hatred may have had a lot to do with the reason why they don’t see their mother. They certainly appear happy enough as a family and I think you all need to focus getting on with your own lives instead of focusing on someone else’s!!

  6. Shes a big fraud…

    Shes been outed as never having been in a refuge by her own stepdaughters, was an awful woman to their mum, tried to start a very dubious cic a company rather than a charity called patchwork house… funding rules are different and easy to take a healthy wage, never explained where the paypal donations went…. her stories are fabrications and she is self serving. Dont believe the hype…. Hated by locals due to her lies and treatment of people.
    Shes raking it in and the donations keep coming.
    Shes not the hero.

  7. Incredibly unintelligent post, instantly getting the back up of 221k followers of PTWM. How to alienate the masses….

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