James Haskell Makes Ableist Slur on Jacqueline Jossa Photo

james haskell and chloe madeley

The public schoolboy and ex-rugby player made the ableist comment on Jacqueline Jossas Instagram.

The offensive slur has been up for 20 hours and he’s not deleted it or apologised. Sadly with social media apps the more engagement you get the more you are boosted to get more followers so many do deliberately bait with offensive comments to boost their followers and therefore the fees they can charge.

For those not aware the “sunshine bus” is a slur used to describe people with mental difficulties.

Urban dictionaries top voted definition is “the bus on which retards travel”.

Many were defending the retired rugby player and reality TV man with comments such as ” mention the sunshine bus and here comes everybody on the batty train who missed their stop at banter central.”

Some parents were disappointed in the comment by James Haskell and replied with ” let’s hope you never have children with special needs!”

james haskell ableist  slur

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  1. What do you think of James Haskell’s slur? SLUR?!! Shouldn’t that be ‘comment’? That question was biased.

    Also it is banter and not bannter.

    1. I don’t like the man to much up his own a….s he looks really arrogant and likes his own way a proper mummy’s boy little s…t

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