This Morning Cover Up Is Trending On Twitter

Phillip Schofield this morning coming out

Following yesterdays article about Phillip Schofield and the rumours surrounding an ex runner on ITV’s This Morning the hashtag #ThisMorningCoverup is now showing on twitter.

It has not made the trending page, but it’s wildly known that this is not automatic and twitter staff manually choose what shows up on trending to protect their brand.

However #ThisMorningCoverup does auto-complete when you start searching for “This M..”

this morning cover up on twitter

The most popular tweet about #ThisMorningCoverup is someone retweeting someone from 2019 who says:

“Things I’ve learned this week

Phillip Schofield is gay. Has an apartment in Southwark that he has ‘the boys over’ to. And is shagging one of the male runners on This Morning. Leaving his marriage an absolute PR sham. #phillipschofield #matthecgreevy”

this morning cover up

So far Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, This Morning and ITV have all ignored the mounting speculation on social media and Tattle Life.

Other people on social media are asking celebs to speak out about the alleged this morning cover up.

this morning cover up


  1. The truth needs to get out there about this smarmy hypocrite. I can’t watch him on programmes now without feeling sick.

    1. He should leave this morning because he’s crossed the line of having respect from the job he’s paid enormously for and hopefully Holly will follow – she knows a lot more than cracking on so she’s not to be trusted in my opinion….

    2. Remember nothing happened to the CONVICTED DRUNK DRIVER ANT did it, in fact he and his strange mate won an award even though he didn’t work Incredible

  2. I really can’t get my head around him coming out now, something in my opinion has forced his hand to come clean … Him and Holly are getting paid an enormous wage for presenting this morning and I feel they are both putting on an act to keep their jobs … I’m finding it hard to watch the program now, it has that falseness about it … maybe a reshuffle is needed ?

    1. Rumours he was about to be sacked then he came out…..hmmm I really do not know how he is still on tv….no one I know likes him…no other presenters in the U.K.??

  3. I don’t understand all the fuss. Do what if he is Gay, is it not supposed to be a world of equal rights. He is still human and we all have a right to be open.
    I am straight but have trans and gay friends, nicer people than most in society and less non judgemental.
    Good for Philip

    1. I think the problem lies in the possibility that Schofield groomed the kid. There are photos of Schofield standing next to him in a school.

  4. Who cares? Everyone is screwing us, the BBC the government, local councils, newspapers, shops. I don’t give a toss about any of this crap. I’m off fishing.

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