Mrs Hinch Removes Child Safety Lid On Fairy Capsules

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Mrs Hinch is cleaning and mum Instagram account that’s signed to the premiere social media talent agency in Europe Gleam Futures.

The Essex based social media influencer has a very lucrative contract with Procter & Gamble as a brand ambassador and regularly posts promoting their range of products from Pampers nappies to Fairy liquid.

mrs hinch b and m banner

Sophie Hinchliffe has stands and posters displayed in shops such as B&M alongside all the Procter & Gamble products that she recommends to her viewers as part of the brand deal.

Users can often see an @joyofclean and Brand Partner on posts that feature the P&G products, however these are often very small and don’t use the clear labelling of AD as recommended by the CMA for social media endorsements.

Users on Tattle Life were worried to see that the main face of P&G products, who also has a young child, broadcasting to her 3.1 million followers that she had removed the important child safety locking lid on detergents in her home:

The image above shows a box of detergent with the childproof lid ripped off, on a bottom shelf and well within reach for a child.

Many viewers are concerned that people will emulate the social media influencer as that’s their job at the end of the day. Sadly there’s been several fatalities concerning young children consuming the detergent tabs as they’re brightly coloured and resemble sweets.

In P&Gs own site they have just two tips and Mrs Hinch is breaking both of them:

fairy liquid safety


Keep pods in their original container and keep the container closed – click-close the Fairy Non Bio pack to keep little fingers out


Keep liquid laundry capsules out of children’s reach and sight – a high shelf or a locked cupboard would be excellent.

Users have complained to P&G that their main brand ambassador has promoted removing the safety features:

mrs hinch complaint to p&g

Another user commented on the breach of the safety ethos that the brand has been promoting.

mrs hinch breaks safety ethos of fairy liquid

Users have also noticed that the safety lid was all in place before Mrs Hinch cleaned, or hinched as she likes to brand cleaning.

mrs hinch removes safety lid while cleaning

Mrs Hinch has deleted the instagram story of the fairy capsules without the safety lid before it expired. Limegoss has contacted p&g for a statement and has had no reply yet.

Some users received a reply from P&G about how hard they work on safety, but were not satisfied with the response:

The Mrs Hinch instagram has posted before about the child safety Lid on p&G products. Although it’s unclear if Mrs Hinch makes all of her posts herself.

mrs hinch and her hinch pinch

Also the Essex cleaner and mum of one has taken part in challengers concerning the child safety lid while paid to attend P&G events as part of her ambassadorship of the brand.

mrs hinch safety lid challenge

The following day Mrs Hinch did not directly address the situation or apologise but posted stories showing the child proof safety lid on the cleaning products and how she always closes it.

mrs hinch shows a safety lid following the controversy
mrs hinch makes a point of talking about the safety lid

Mr’s Hinch is one of the highest paid social media influencers in the UK and is estimated to charge £40’000 a post.

Do you think Mrs Hinch needs to address removing the safety lid?

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  1. I don’t like Mrs hinch but it seems like you’re scraping the barrel here… acting like she’s committed a crime

    1. While not a crime, she is paid tens and tens of thousands to promote a product to millions of predominantly women, knowing not only do they copy her every move, but buy and store the products she does. She is an influencer. She influences. Its important she stores products correctly. To set an example. If she can’t do that, I’m sure she would be willing to cancel her contract with p&g!

    2. Uh no one said it was a crime, but she’s supposed to represent the brand. It’s the same as if there was an advert on the telly that encourage something dangerous. But because it’s social media no one regulates it correctly

  2. Absolutely brilliant somebody had to expose her for this. P & G will just sweep it under the carpet and Hinch will never address it, all you will notice is her passive aggressive behaviour again for being caught out. Unfortunately some people hang on every word and action she does as if she is their Queen and will thank it’s fine to do it. This is amongst many stupid things she does and promotes as being safe to do.

    1. She is copying her Instagram mate Stacey Solomon who decants everything in her kitchen into labelled containers in her regular tap to tidy segments. However it clearly slipped Mrs Hinch two brain cells that her job is to promote fairy not to bum lick Stacey Solomon.

  3. No it’s not a crime but so many people want to be her or just like her and copy her with everything she does. How P&G never got her to apologise or address it as wrong is almost bad as her not putting her child’s health before a very unsafe and carry tip to store washing tablets. She’s a walking, talking, screeching health risk and the sooner P&G realise this the better! Spraying softer all over your home, leaving lit candles unattended around the house, constantly spraying chemicals around her son and his freshly washed unscrewed together bottles that are on the sides she’s spraying, leaving things on the hob after being called out by the fire squad, spraying chemicals all around a babies bedroom and her own where he sleeps With no windows open. It’s not normal! How is she making thousands off being such an unsafe “influencer” 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Make sure you shut the lid? Put on a high shelf ? Never had a problem with cleaning products.children brought up not to go in cupboard where they were kept !!! Common sense I think !!!!!

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