Mrs Hinch Celebrates An Astonishing 3 Million Followers – But How Many Are Real?

mrs hinch thanks followers for 3 million people

Sophie Hinchliffe is a saleswoman turned social media cleaning influencer that has racked up over 3’000’000 followers on Instagram. She’s signed to the social media talent agency Gleam Futures, the same people behind Zoella.

Daily her followers tap in to see Mrs Hinch promoting Proctor and Gamble products from Arial washing powder to pampers nappies. Alongside regular swipe up affiliate links to eBay, meaning that the Instagram star earns commission from all sales.

However lots are suspicious about how many of her 3 million followers are real, keep reading to find out why.

mrs hinch thanks followers for 3 million people
Mrs Hinch Home takes to her instagram stories to celebrate passing 3 million followers

Her growth has been astonishing and is continuing to grow even though many expected her to have reached saturation point by now. Some are suspicious that even though everyone knows about her the account is still growing rapidly and now has more followers than megastars like Kylie Minogue.

Mrs Hinch’s Instagram following continues to grow rapidly

Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that lots of the latest accounts to start following @MrsHinchHome don’t appear to be real. The example below shows a group of users all following Mrs Hinch that have usernames that seem to be automatically generated.

suspect followers of mrs hinch

Additionally many of Mrs Hinch’s followers just follow one account or are for young men in Arabic that you wouldn’t expect to be followers of an Essex mum cleaning account.

hincher with no posts

Big Intstagram accounts are often followed by automated and click farmed accounts as they try to appear to be genuine accounts.

It’s big business buying Instagram followers, likes and comments so these fake accounts do often follow big accounts to make them look like a real user. Many people have paid a small fee to get fake accounts to follow them in order to make them look more influential.

Instagrams owner Facebook says they are removing hundreds of thousands of fake accounts every week, but their social media sites appear to still be riddled with them. Earlier in 2019 Facebook claimed to have removed over 3 billion fake accounts in Q1 2019.

It’s next to impossible to tell if someone is deliberately buying followers, or if fake accounts are targetting a big account to follow.

Either way, someone at Gleam Futures should look into this and manually remove accounts that are suspicious. A full audit is needed to gain trust so that brands know follower numbers are genuine and real.

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  1. She’s the biggest fraud known online
    I reckon if you deleted the bot accounts she’d only have about 1000 odd followers

    The downfall is to come

    1. One big con of a woman. People getting into debt because of her and suffering with mental health issues trying to be like her. Absolutely disgusting. Influencers like her need to be called out for their fakery

      1. I disagree. Why is she a con? She shares her own mental health issues, is very open about her problems so this surely helps other sufferers, she certainly helps me! and people getting into debt buying cleaning products from b&m?? Shes not trying to be a Kardashian. I’m a 58yr old woman, I’m not wet behind the ears or naive, I just see a genuine woman that started a trend that she never expected. I dont doubt there are some fake followers on her site but this will be her agent more than Sophie. She needs to be left alone, shes doing no one any harm

        1. I beg to differ she’s harming her son splashing pictures of him in the bath all over the internet there are so many shady characters out there in this big bad world, and some of her followers reply’s are quite creepy and certainly not normal for grown ass women who just want to be like her she’s not doing anything most of us women haven’t been doing all our adult days keep a house clean and tidy and bring up our kids, I was bringing up my kids and keeping a house when sophflora was an egg in her mothers Fallopian tube.

  2. It’s so hard to prove if someone is buying followers, but it’s pretty obvious when someone (or their management) is, I think gleam do this regularly for their clients.
    I’ve noticed a lot of the beauty influencers with suspect numbers are indirectly implying they “know” another influencer who buys followers, they will be very vocal on twitter about how outrageous it is and how angry they are, without actually naming names,
    yet their own numbers are definitely not genuine 🤷‍♀️ So are they shouting the loudest hoping the finger doesn’t get pointed at them.
    I’d love for Instagram to remove all fake accounts but I think we’re still a long way from that point.

    1. that woman is absolutely shocking she cannot take one bit of criticism her trigger finger is faster than a bolt of lightening on her block button her followers are as fake as her tacky extensions if u dare to have a different opinion to her well my god her “army” rock up and scream “your jealous hun” she has no content on her page she just takes takes takes never know anyone as greedy as her .. shame all that money she made from her “shoppers” she still has no class ATB xx

  3. Her real followers are probably not even 1 million never mind 3 million. If anybody messages her with any form of criticsm she just hits the block button. One very dangerous, greedy, manipulating woman.

  4. Shes been buying them from the very beginning. She should add a swipe up so all the wanna be hinch barmy army can get some fakes too. Head over to to read the many many hinch threads. Very enlightening to say the least.

  5. Fake you only have to look at her followers to see hundreds 9d thousands are fake
    She blocks if you like a comment aking a question she doent want to be asked

    Manipulation, making money ,and covering everything on chemicals is what she does
    She cant even speak to her son in a normal voice and the poor boy needs some colour in his life

  6. The engagement ratio’s don’t make sense. She allegedly has over 4 million followers, yet only an average of 1,500 comment on her posts? Nahhh, a third of her followers are fake/bots. She’s really boring now, too. It just doesn’t add up.

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