The Most liked Tattle Life Messages of 2019

mrs hinch bib

We’ve collated the 20 most liked messages on the gossip forum tattle life below. Please be warned that tattlers have robust opinions and may use bad language at times.


#41 guess who’s back, back again, edgys back tell Boden.


Thread suggestion: Swiping 9 to 5, easy way to make a living, freebies piling high, it’s all taking and no giving…


How crass.

Stealth bragging about how you have so much food you need a second fridge to store it in.

There are kids out there who won’t eat a hot meal now because the schools are closed for the holidays.

Soph, are we supposed to be impressed by your cheese stash or something? Or the fact that you are so anally repressed you have a hamper to put coke cans in? Because quite frankly we all think you are nauseating


Sophies got a trout pout, Jamies in the loft, do us an xmas favour and feck right off.


The thing I find strange about this image, as someone who has studied art history a fair amount, is the position of Candice’s hand. Jesus is often depicted using this open hand gesture. They’re all surrounding her like she’s the new Messiah…. maybe she is the Insta second coming?

Nah – I think she’s just got it open in anticipation for accepting more free shit.


Looonnnggg time lurker, first time poster. I had to make a new account to post as I originally signed up with my initial andsurname in my username 🤣🤦‍♀️
Frankly, I’ve finally reached that point where I can’t keep quiet anymore about what this woman is doing. The bloody elbow grease on a child’s bib!!! Then today the mountains of just ‘family and friend’ presents on the bed has tipped me over the edge. Knowing she will never see any direct message I send, I’m putting it on here as we all know she regularly frequents this page… Hiya Soph, ATB 😉

Initally I was drawn into the whole thing, back when she was on around 300k followers. I enjoyed the cleaning side of her account and did pick up a couple of ‘tips’ from her early days. Then she started to grate on me. What on earth is with these little fads she starts, then never continues with a couple of weeks later? Anyone remember the ‘before bed blasts’ and ‘bath bomb baskets’ to name a couple? That’s when I started to notice her fake-ness I thunk, realising she doesn’t actually do these things religiously like she brainwashes so many into believing.
She’s gradually just got on my nerves more and more, but it’s almost been a thing where you can’t unfollow because you need to see and be annoyed at the next ridiculous thing she does.
Then along came Ronnie! And the radio silence. Then the “oh sorry guyzzz I’ve been staying in luxury lodges whilst my house gets doubled in size, I’m so relatable” bullshit was where things really turned sour for me.
On what freaking planet, is ANYTHING about that entire scenario relatable to the majority of your “hinchers” (sidenote, equally as flipping annoying. What narcissistic Muppet turns their name into a verb?!)
I can tell you when I had my little one two years ago, all I wanted to do was be at home, soaking up every second with her and my partner and parents etc. Not gallivanting around the county staying in bloody “lodges” letting my dickhead dog sleep all over someone else’s bed.
Then the gifted this and gifted that.
“Look at my massive house guyzzzzz with my gifted flooring and my gifted furniture and my gifted nursery” honestly woman… do you have ANY idea how absolutely shit you are making other people feel, especially new Mum’s like yourself who are led to falsely believe that life is as easy as you show it to be? Social media world is 99% of the time completely unrealistic and genuinely damaging to our mental health, especially when we are constantly made to be like “you can be just like me if you buy this” and “wear this gifted makeup and these gifted clothes”.
Brings me onto the “anxiety” card she plays. Take it from someone who has suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and took medication for a time to help, NONE of her behaviour is anything remotely like how I would have acted when I was struggling, well, I still wouldn’t even though I’m doing much better now.
Sending her “army” after “trolls” knowing full well they will rip said “troll” apart, then being all anti-bullying etc. HYPOCRITE.
Her forced and staged relationship with that lovely little boy. No one should pass judgement on a child’s development over the internet, but it’s hard to see the poor mite just propped up against something grey all the time. Little lad needs some stimulation and motherly attention but I guess it’s getting too late to form a genuine relationship now!
Don’t get me started on the dog. I genuinely believe in an emergency situation and she had to chose Ronnie or Henry, she’d go for the dog. It’s not right.
I need to stop else I will be here forever. If you’ve made it this far, thank you 🤣

Just a little note to you Sophie (Hiya Hun😉) to finish. You are the most unrelatable, nastiest, most hypocritical, un-nurturing to that poor baby, falsest, scumbag liar that social media has ever seen (that I have witnessed anyway). I pray Karma smacks you in the face one day love, and you are forced to come back down to earth with an almighty bump. What you are encouraging your idiot army to do is bloody dangerous for a start.. I am APPALLED at the elbow grease on bib situation. How someone as ridiculous, and deceitful as you is allowed to continue to spread your poison to so many others who aren’t clever enough to see straight through you, I will never know. Showing off your mountain of presents and then saying that’s not even all of them, when there are low income, hard working families that cannot afford a quarter of all those presents for their deserving families? How inferior and shitty are you making everyone feel? There is so much wrong with today’s world, and YOU, Sophie Hinchcliffe, do nothing but contribute towards the bad. With mental health issues (genuine ones) on the rise along with suicide numbers, have you ever stopped to think that your rubbing-everyones-nose-in-it show off attitude is only lowering other folks self esteem??
But ATB hun. When your little boy ends up in hospital from ingesting freaking elbow grease and God only knows what other products, your dog pops it from respiratory problems caused by the chemicals you’ve doused your house in for years, you might wake up.


Oh I was too late for my thread submission!

‘Who cares that my wife is going through hell; when there’s hair bands to lose and children to sell’


Good morning Tattlers; new and old.

I’ve had a look at Louisa Zissman’s stories after reading about them on MOD’s thread. I’m so glad she’s understanding what Tattle is all about… it’s just gossip, with some unpleasant comments that are easy to scroll past and some valid, articulate discussions regarding our concerns about some of these influencers.

I’m intrigued at PTWM’s sudden decision to have a social media break – probably the first time she’s done so and that phone is glued to her hand… could it be that she’s concerned about the press catching on to the PayPal scandal? About how her followers set up a PayPal donation account to save PTWM’s house – but no one knows where those donations have gone to? They’re still renting the house.

Could it be that she’s worried that the press will find out that she’s lied about the ‘stranger on the bridge’ and ‘the young mum in Mothercare’ stories that were shared thousands of times and propelled her to this platform as a Champion of Vulnerable Women?

Is she panicking that Tattlers are finally getting recognition for not being a group of vipers and trolls as she regularly spouts, but that we are a group of honest, decent women (mostly, am sure there are men, too) who are sick of these scammers. Sick of these social media influencers shoving #ad after #ad at us when we can’t afford that lifestyle. Portraying this wonderful family life when they’re #gifted this and that. STOP.

PTWM is an ambassador for Kidscape yet her young daughter has a TicToc account; by the way new readers and lurkers… Tattlers found that video of PTWM dancing on TicToc first and PTWM saw it was shared here – that’s why she uploaded it, to ‘normalise it’. The reason we were appalled though was PTWM had just written a long post about not being able to move after ‘having her stomach sliced in two’ but she was dancing with her daughter? Then we were concerned and toyed with the idea of contacting school – because of T’s public TicToc account. We debated this and decided against it, so no-one did. Not one of us here reported it to the school.

PTWM has built her name on being a Domestic Abuse advocate. And this here is where I became a Tattle member as that is my background. A DA advocate does not invite vulnerable victims into their home and nor do they show pictures of these women (and their children) on their social media accounts. I was appalled at the lack of safeguarding PTWM displayed – inviting strangers into her home – we as support workers of vulnerable service users are not allowed to disclose our personal details.

We have women telling their partner which refuge they’re in and have the perpetrator turn up, so we have to move her to keep herself and other families safe. What would PTWM have done had this happened at her door? How has she managed to find refuge space for six women in a week when I have to send a woman back to the perpetrator on a Friday afternoon because no refuge in the nearby counties have a space?

An advocate of DA does not film her husband, without his knowledge, and post it without his consent. She posted several stories/videos filming Josh complaining about something related to the family or housework. It was a private conversation between husband and wife but she uploaded them. Now, had a man uploaded videos of his wife complaining – there would be uproar. It would be abusive.

An advocate of DA does not tell her followers the whereabouts of a homeless person’s staying place. Nor do they discuss the fact he has a broken tent. They don’t upload a picture with the cost of a new tent (who’s benefit was that for?); they don’t video the Mother in Law laughing and making fun of a torch that “looks like a tampax”. They don’t say “it’s been a nice day out” when they’ve been out to hand these new camping equipment to the man in question. HE did not ask for his story to be told. HE did not ask for sympathy nor donations. They intruded on his personal space.

PTWM shared a story (and this is how I heard about Tattle), where she was distressed and hurt about some of the comments about her. I wasn’t following PTWM but I was following Knee Deep in Life who wanted everyone to support and love PTWM. Anyway, I was moved by this video of a pregnant vulnerable woman and horrified at Tattle Life. But I’m glad I was nosy enough to come and have a read because I have had my eyes opened so much.

I feel like I could be Wilby’s nanny – I know everything about him. PTWM’s eldest daughter, Betsy, has a boyfriend and PTWM even tags him – why? Where is the safety in this? Her children are constantly filmed. It’s #ad after #ad yet in her rant about Tattle she was crying saying she gives her last £20 to strangers. Hang on a minute… she’s wearing a £250 Stella McCartney coat and Josh has a £250 Stone Roses coat. So – where’s the PayPal donations? She’s able to go on holidays, often eats out. That’s not reflective of the lifestyle of her followers.

Anyone who’s ever tried to ask them about PayPal are ‘blocked’. KDIL even blocked me because I’d ‘liked’ a comment asking where the donations were. Why not be accountable? You can’t put yourself out to the internet and not accept that there will be backlash? You’ve got to be transparent. I’ve found that those who want Tattle to be taken down (PTWM and her husband), usually have something to hide. PTWM’s artist friend even called one of us a ‘c**t’ when asked a question. Is that being kind?

PTWM advocates for kindness but she had an affair with Josh whilst he was married? And for those of you who’ve thought of his ex-wife as some drunk, how many of us would turn to drink if our husband left us on our son’s birthday? And how many of you would turn to drink if you weren’t allowed to see your children but the whole world could, because your sons are always on PTWM’s posts? We know more about S and I than their mother does. How bloody sad?

And that book you’ve all loved reading… did you notice she’d given someone the pseudo name ‘Sam’. Yeah, that’s the ex-wife’s name too. Can we really relate to a woman who writes about her family members for the world to know?

Now, I’m not a viper. I’m someone who’s been in and out of refuges as a child and adult. I was physically beaten by my mum when she was an alcoholic, I was so happy when her partner died of a heroin overdose cos he would have killed my mum, and it would mean no more kicking my bedroom door at night. But I’d never write about this in public because she’s my mum. People would treat her differently. It’s respect. You can’t sell your family.

PTWM had a healthy eating campaign recently but her children regularly have breakfasts in McDonald’s and she’s got an #ad with Nutella?
This woman claims to champion empowerment but she portrays herself as weak, needy and dependent. She phones her husband at his work place when she wants something… she doesn’t do any housework and has the luxury of a cleaner. She forgot to do the online food shop one day and complained about how he kids had to have fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, I work with families who’s children go to school’s Breakfast Club because they don’t have anything in. But she managed to get her nails and lashes done?

Look at the bigger picture and do not be drawn in by this false Instagram social media bullshit. Be critical. Ask yourself if this is true. Does she really work with refuges – or does she simply send #gifted donations on? Does she sit in an office applying for benefits and grants for a mother who’s left an abusive man, does she badger housing associations for a property for a family, does she attend Marac cases and put safety plans in place to stop another woman being murdered?

How many times has she mentioned Rosie Duffield’s speech? Moving, raw… 0 times. How many times has she mentioned the Domestic Abuse Bill? 0 times. But this is her USP?

I work x2 jobs and can’t afford their lifestyle, but I’m fucking honest and hardworking. Tattlers, enjoy your families, your health, love each other and do an act of kindness each day without posting it online. Be real. Warmth, food and a roof. We don’t need designer crap and expensive holidays. We need integrity. Have a lovely day ❤


This is an incredibly special moment for me. The bored train journeys scrolling tattle, the double screening while my BF moans that I’m not paying attention, the stolen moments on the loo… they have all led to this – My first thread title. Thank you all you bunch of mean trolls, you’re actually pretty sound


Well, I love brown paper and string for wrapping and I will not let her ruin it for me. It’s also a line from The Sound of Music …

“Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things”

I believe the other verses go like this:

Fake sales pitches and extensions on mansions
New makeup brushes and free treats for handsomes
P&G products and big diamond blings
These are a few of my favourite things

When the handsnomes bites
When the casserole stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply swipe up for my favourite things
And then I don’t feel so bad!


A couple of years ago I was visiting my daughter who lives in New York. We were out shopping and it was pouring with rain so we decided to go to a nearby hotel restaurant for an early lunch.
As we approached the hotel a large man was hurrying out with his head down talking on his phone. He banged into my daughter and knocked her backwards onto a small potted bush that was by the entrance.

He immediately stuck his phone into his coat pocket and grabbed my daughter by the elbows and yanked her back to her feet. By this time I had already admonished him with “Christ, watch where you’re going” when I looked up into the face of Mr Hugh Jackman.
He was so apologetic and insisted on escorting us into the hotel lobby where he sat my daughter down on a chair.
He then asked if he could get his driver to drop us somewhere and we explained that we were actually just coming to this hotel for lunch.

After hearing this he walked away and spoke to the concierge, who had been hovering close by since we came in.
He then came back over to us apologised again and said “Have a nice lunch ladies” and strode out of the door.
He is even more gorgeous in real life and very tall and broad with a definite twinkle in the eye.
The concierge came to escort us to the dining room and explained that the bill for our lunch had already been settled by Mr Jackman.

What a legend and a true old school gentleman.



I know you read these threads, as do your followers, so I’m hoping you’ll read this.

I’ve never followed you, but I remember that post you wrote years ago about being in Mothercare with the new mum who was struggling. It was shared thousands of time; you touched women – some mums, others not for whatever reason. But it resonated, because as women we get a fucking shit deal in life. I didn’t read the other post about a woman on a bridge, but again – that resonated with many.

Slowly, your page grew and grew. Mums who were sitting at home, tired from a sleepless night, worrying how to care for children alone, living in abusive relationships, trying to feed their families on a limited budget. Wow, they could relate to you. This wonderful mother who wasn’t just raising children but also her husband’s from another relationship. What a woman!

Your daughter was traumatised so much by her father that she requires therapy. Those boys’ mum was such a neglectful alcoholic that they were not permitted to see her.

Your husband, a heroic police officer working nights and making right what was wrong in the world. You began to work with domestic abuse charities and you were taking in referrals in the middle of the night – services were ringing you to accommodate women and their children. Amazing. This woman who empowered other women.

You’d bring them to your home, around your family, show their photos to the world of their happy faces.

Your followers grew and grew… baring in mind that 1 in 4 women are affected by domestic abuse so chances are the majority of those followers are or have been victims themselves at some point. They see you as a beacon of hope. You make the long days better with your words, they also feel like their kids are turds too. Hooray for someone who admits this!

You wrote a book about your life and these followers bought it, as seen in your Instagram stories, the majority are women. Tired, kids in the back ground, strong coffee at hand. You make them feel better. You had a shit life and now look at you… beautiful family and home. They can have this too.

But then Tattle happened… and you directed people here (me included) with your emotional story. I expected nastiness, vitriol, hatred… some posts are unfair but I scroll past. The majority are from women whom are intelligent, articulate and fair. They ask valid questions. They are concerned regarding your lack of safeguarding, your change in lifestyle but lack of transparency, your lies.

You wrote a book and gave someone a pseudo name of ‘Sam’. That is your stepsons’ mother’s name. You had no consent from her to write about her in your book, but you still went ahead. Those ridiculous followers that you have will read this book and know personal information about her. Did you mention that you had an affair with Josh, that he left on their son’s birthday and that you broke her and she turned to the bottle to cope?

Have you tried to maintain contact between the boys and their mum, seeing as you are a champion of women?

If T, your daughter, is so traumatised/shy/timid… why have you permitted her to use social media – a particular media that is commonly used amongst sex offenders? It is irrelevant that ALL her friends use it; you, as a fucking ambassadors of Kidscape should know better and use that as an example. God… you could’ve posted how dangerous it is and your moronic followers would have deactivated their children’s accounts too… you literally could have done something positive in safeguarding children.

Instead, you wrote a message to say T uses it on your phone… when? It’s glued to your hand?

You have written countless posts about ‘working’ with Women’s Aid or Refuge and you do not. You are not qualified to do so; you do not work in a refuge, you do not offer outreach support. Your home is not and should not ever be used as accommodation for vulnerable women. They should never be on your social media accounts and especially not their children.

You portray yourself as this woman who does so much good for DA victims yet your teenager daughter lives in the garden. You do not show respect to your husband and neither do your children; if he treated you as you do him – your morons would be in uproar.

Yes, you breastfeed. Now stop. Stop with the videos and photos and stories… there are women who cannot breast feed due to physical abnormalities, pain, inability to latch (me) or just don’t fucking want to. Stop ramming it down our throats. There’s enough of that in the world.

You cannot possibly think it’s okay to post asking for donations of prams when you’ve been gifted one worth £900.

You cannot post asking for donations for women leaving refuge when you were gifted a conservatory.

You cannot ask someone to donate to your PayPal when you have perfume worth £200 by your bed, a zoo in your garden, designer clothes, a cleaner and a stockpile. Don’t be greedy. Don’t exploit vulnerable women who have fuck all to give but do because you’ve resonated with them (with your lies). You are not relatable anymore Rachel. It’s time to leave the DA/safeguarding/empowering women stuff behind. Leave it for those of us like me… who after paying for childcare, rent and food has fuck all each month but still gets up each morning to REALLY WORK IN DA. You enrage me because you exploit these women that I strive to protect. You have made money from the back of being a champion for these women and you are not Rachel.

Your moronic followers have low intelligence, most likely to be unemployed and the type that call themselves “yummymummy” or “leylasmummy”, each day is a fucking struggle and the summer holidays have been hard trying to raise children on a low income. They look at you getting your feet rubbed, sitting on the sofa with your #gifted deliveries and you give them hope that it won’t always be like that. That’s what they mean by “all she does for other people”… it’s what you do for THEM. That hope. Exactly like the Mothercare post (which I think turned out to be made up, wasn’t it?)

How awkward it must have been for you to have KDIL cry about her issues with PND and seeing your new baby… will you be next with the PND bullshit (by the way, I was sectioned for hearing voices and wanting to push my baby son’s pram under a lorry so all these mum bloggers’ continual droning on anything to do with pre and ante natal stuff for likes and followers just tires after a while).

Be a good friend and encourage her to see a counsellor, or invite her for coffee. Try and get her to stop over sharing personal issues and maybe share them with her husband? But that wouldn’t be right coming from you because you’re exactly the same. Anything for the gram! You post a photo of a csection scar and the painful recovery the same time as your timid daughter posts a photo of you dancing.

You are greedy Rachel. But the higher you climb, the harder you’ll fall. These morons that idolise you will whittle away and your beautiful children will grow up with many questions. I wouldn’t sell my family’s mental health for all the #gifts in the world.

Please stop with all the penis, vag, nipples talk.
Please stop writing that you cried in the supermarket and required comfort from your husband and reassurance that you’re not fat. You have a teenage daughter and your morons will also be impressionable (I mean… they actually followed Betsy’s teenage boyfriend so 🤷‍♀️)


mrs hinch bib

I had a look@ her stories today and I swear the bib with the stain is not the same one she shows washed. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Wouldn’t be the first time.

You’re right. It’s not the same bib, the spots are in different places.


As a first time expectant mum I’m finding her posts more and more upsetting. NOT, I might add because I’m jealous of her material possessions but the disrespect and injustice of it all. Of this whole system.

I’m self employed and will be working until the day I go into labour and getting back to work as quickly as I physically can, which is so upsetting. I work so hard, and deserve to be supported while I spend as long as I can with my baby. BUT there is basically no support for women in my position, unless you are prepared to let the business you’ve worked tirelessly to build, fail, for the sake of a small amount of maternity allowance a week. The guilt of facing this is unbearable.

I work 16+ hour days with no help, rarely a day off, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult with migraines, fatigue and the stress of it all. January brings the tax-man, a further and constant stress when you are SE.
My partner is in the ambulance service and earns even less than I do (thank you NHS), works the most horrendous shifts and is struggling after some very difficult jobs back to back. He’ll have 2 weeks paternity leave.

Our savings right now amount to less than her TWO free high chairs, and any savings will not only have to cover baby stuff but go towards supporting me while I have this minimal time off.
We do not (cannot…) live a remotely lavish lifestyle, and everything we are looking at for the baby is the cheapest options we can that don’t come with safety concerns. Meanwhile Grinch is gifted thousands and thousands of pounds of goods, with a bank balance that could so easily fund her expensive tastes, all because she threw a cloth around her kitchen to Aretha Franklin?

Can someone tell me how it is fair that two people who work their asses off, have never taken handouts, who pay so much in taxes have to face such a lesser parenting experience than someone who lies and cons their way to a fat bank balance?

It’s not about ‘things’, our baby will be loved by many and have what it needs, but money sadly does make the world go round, and this hypocritical woman is flaunting her greed to us all.
The two expensive high chair posts yesterday absolutely sum her and her selfishness up. She CANNOT say no to an expensive freebie. She could have asked to have that £600 chair to donate, or the cash equivalent to a good cause. It’s absolutely disgraceful and it’s beyond a kick in the teeth to us mere mortals at this point.
She swans around with her #gifted cleaning products, cleaning her already sparkling #gifted furniture, walking on her #gifted carpets, buying £100s of absolute tat each week with swipe up money she DOES NOT DESERVE, spending as much time as she wants with her baby while swipe ups and a few brand partnership posts pay her more than any of us must earn a year.

Sorry for the rant, but it’s just not right 😞


Oh my goodness guys! Quite the flurry of new bastards here so just wanted to tell you all a bit about myself!

I’m a pathological liar. Lying is my jam!

I’ve never been maternal, but after getting up the duff unexpectedly with Lee, I then found out how lucrative having children could be for fellow work shy women such as myself hoping to make it in the world of vlogging so we popped out two more. They are my whole world, the best little earners a mother could have.

I actually was gifted my free gym membership in the latter part of 2018. The free PT didn’t start till January of this yuur. (see also fun fact 1)

When I fucked my career by sharing racial content, I turned to a free reiki session and now I like to pretend it’s been so so healing for me.

I will read anything I can affiliate link. Even books from the charity shop.

I cannot fucking stand meeting or engaging with new people. I will only surround myself with the wives of Lee’s friends.

Lee & I met when he groomed me when I was 15.

I made a now deleted trolls video for my channel to gain some sympathy, mostly due to the fact I’m a complete arsehole but you’ll often see me giving zero fucks because in actual fact I don’t give a shit.

I have the most wonderful circle of arse lickers. They tell me what I want to hear to my face then are probably talking the absolute back off me if they have any sense.

I love freebies. Free clothes, free tan, free wine, free holidays. I’m a greedy wee cow and you can guarantee if you see me wearing something, I’ll have an affiliate link for it.

** don’t bother writing any shite back to me in the comments. I couldn’t honestly give a fuck about any of you. 👌🏼😘


Is it too early for a thread title suggestion?!

Tattle’s getting rowdy about the secret Audi, while Hinch is telling fibs with elbow grease and bibs


God she looked so smug showing off the necklace, “my book went to number 1”, yeah I’ll stick to stephen king thank you

Soph mate, your book might have gone to number one, but Mr Blobby had a number one single and it still doesn’t make him a fucking singer!


So glad there is somewhere to comment about this car crash!

I didn’t follow MOD or FOD before this whole scandal, and I hardly actively engage with insta but this is my thoughts….

Firstly, I don’t think it would be fair for me to comment on the possible racism – I am white so not in a position to say whether it offends me or not.

BUT I do feel pretty p*d off that all the predominantly white middle class instahuns that have since turned their back on MOD are now sharing stats about black women giving birth…give it a break. Don’t suddenly start pretending to give a sh*t now.

I also feel they are all pretty much scrambling all over eachother for as much ‘air’ or likes as possible. There is so much bum licking going on that I physically can’t take myself to the comments section.

One instahun described what had happened as ‘horrific’

Sorry – maybe MOD did break trust, let down some of her friends, she was 2 faced.

But horrific? The use of chemical weapons on children is horrific. Watching your child die is horrific. Being at war is horrific.

To describe tattle / Instagram / friendship issues as that – W A K E – U P !!!

Motivation wise – I think it could easily be something that has been planned out to benefit the careers of many instahuns incl MOD and FOD. People love a bitch- look at Katie Hopkins. Let’s be open minded.

I think most likely though, she messed up. She had a couple of glasses of wine and came on here and got addicted. She’s upset people she cares about in real life – she needs to sort that out first and foremost before making a public apology. But she’s not killed anyone. Let’s have some perspective.

Am I worried for Clemmie? No not really.

She clearly has a lot of money, brands, support, family etc behind her. I think she will be doing fine. Just waiting for the storm to pass. If she needs support, she’s I’m sure being provided it. She’s not gonna be sat around on an NHS therapy waiting list let’s be real.

People I do worry about are kisscub and thenursemum – people having to fight tooth and nail for their children, day in, day out. The real heroes of insta are those girls.


sarah ingham east 17

Wait for it…


Imagine being in labour, reading through OK/Daily Mail/ Sun etc and in walks Clemmie

You could be 10cm dilated and she’d still be the biggest t*** in the room…

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