Phillip Schofield Runner – The Latest About His Personal Assistant

Phillip Schofield this morning coming out

Rumours surrounding Phillip Schofield have been swirling since he came as out during This Morning with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on Friday 7th February 2020.

This is a roundup of the latest we know about Phillip Schofield and his runner/personal assistant.

Phillip met Matthew McGreevy when he was around 10 as a patron of The 2 Faced Theatre Company that’s based in Dukinfield.

Phillip started following Matthew McGreevy on Twitter when he was 15.

matt mcgreevy twitter at age 15

Matthew McGreevy crowdfunded for £500 to move to London where he landed a position as a runner on ITV’s This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Once moved to London Matthew McGreevy’s career seems to revolve around working with Philip Schofield. His LinkedIn shows as his linked in lists working on This Morning, Dancing on Ice and 5 Gold Rings.

mcgreevy linkedin

The runner has ambitions to be a presenter and is present on many clips of This Morning on their YouTube channel. Matthew also was allowed the use of the This Morning set to interview Phillip Schofield for his showreel.

Various videos and photos have emerged of Phillip Schofield having meals with the This Morning Runner.

Philip Schofield was openly out to ITV staff and peers such as Steve Allen claim to have known for over 30 years that he was gay.

Schofieild appears to have regularly socialised with the runner outside of work.

Philip schofieild and runner

Something happened in the summer of 2019 and Phillip Schofield employs a crisis management / reputation agency.

Ruth Langsford puts in an official complaint with ITV about Phillip Schofield. Many initially thought this was due to being cut off but now believe it could be to do with using his power over someone the same age as Ruths son.

Matthew McGreevy moves to loose women in late 2019 and seemingly is no longer involved in any Phillip Schofield shows. Records an Instagram video about working on loose women and having a break from social media.

Phillip Schofield comes out with the help of Willoughby to read his statement who reaffirms that no one forced this and it was the “right time”.

Phillip Schofield gives an exclusive interview to the Sun and their journalists are very supportive of his brave decision.

Phil declined to comment on whether he is in a relationship with a man, or has been in the past.

He added: “I understand that people will ask that question. It is one I’d ask myself.

“But Steph and I have agreed to keep our private life private. I hope people understand.”

From the sun

Amanda Holden, who has a long-running feud with Schofield, drops big hints on Instagram with the caption “Always more interesting what goes on behind the scenes ♥️ 😜”. Holden has also said in the past that there is a “large can and some people have a tin opener”.

After coming out Phillip Schofield looks increasingly anxious and on edge during live shows. Holly takes the lead in presenting and many notice Schofield stumbling over his autocue lines.

Joan Collins asks live on Good Morning Britain “why this is news, we all knew and what more is happening?” Perez Hilton also on GMB says he hopes the allegations aren’t true and the Phillip Schofield coming out story remains positive. Joan is cut off after asking more about the story and Piers morgan looks like he’s biting his lip.

Joan Collins phillip schofield twitter trending

The runner strangely appears on stage along with the onscreen staff and directors for the 2018 National Television awards in 2018 when this morning wins the daytime award. Very unusual for the most junior member of staff to be on the stage right next to the main presenters and very clearly in shot just behind Holly Willoughby.

As of 11th February 2020 various national newspapers are dropping hints concerning the runner. Including this from the Daily Mail Online:

The source added that Schofield would openly socialise with the other gay men on This Morning, often taking them ‘under his wing’. 

Schofield would support men struggling to cope with their sexuality, including one runner who he ended up mentoring.

There are countless accounts of young boys saying that Phillip Schofield messaged them on Snapchat and several publications have run stories on this.

Private eye has been saying Phili Schofield was gay and his marriage a sham since at least 2012 where they attracted a backlash from a gay blogger, below:

Social media and Tattle Life is full of comments about Phillip Schofield and the real story.

phillip schofield done a runner
schofield getting away with it

Let me know anything important missed and I’ll update the article to include it all.

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  1. Brilliant round up of everything that has led up to and happened subsequent to Philip Schofield coming out as gay on This Morning.
    Interesting to see who has offered words of support online and on Dancing on Ice and Loose Women and those who have kept quiet on social media.

    1. Nothing worse than a sneaky perverted pedophile. Just barely better than Gary Sandusky. If the wife knew she should have come forward herself or is money that important?
      She could even write a book and make her own money. I am sure he manipulated her to with his fake emotions like in his coming out speech. This is sociopath behaviour, shame on you Philip Schofield. Hopefully your daughters disown u, u sneaky liar, and I have a lot of gay friends and family.

        1. I used to do gigs in gay clubs (stay out of the toilets, they’re like Sodom and Gomorrah) and one of the main topics of conversation I used to hear was about “chicken,” underage boys. My experience has been that gays like little boys. Particularly what happened to me when I was ten.

          1. Since my comment is surrounded by woke nonsense, I think it’s safe to assume my comment will by deleted, first time on this site.
            I used to call myself NAPOLEON and I wore period military garb; THEY LOCKED ME UP! Lately I’ve been calling myself JOSEPHINE; they compliment my dress and makeup; WHO’S CRAZY NOW?

      1. Why is he still on TV if there is any truth in what is being suggested. People have been sacked for much less.

        1. He will miss those free dinners he used to have on this morning while
          People were having to go to food banks

      2. It’s people like you that turn things like this into a witch hunt! NOBODY knows the truth except the man himself,! Until such time he openly says he groomed a child (as you’re all assuming) then May I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself!

      3. Surely the bosses at TM, DonI etc knew something & were complicit. What about his close friend Holly. She worked on several shoes with him, spent family holidays, nights out together. Come on, she must have suspected, guessed or seen McGreevy & Phil interactions on set.

      4. You are sure or you are just speculating. What a nasty human being you are. And don’t they always say that those that state at the end of a conversation that they have lots of gays friends and family are normally homophobic.

    2. Never liked Mr Smug Smiley Schofield
      Sort it now before its too late! Saville got away with it by dying!!

      1. The sooner Schofield follows him the better ,I can honestly say I would celebrate with a glass of champagne

        1. You truly are a vile human being. With an attitude like that I wonder whether you have anyone in your life apart from the other haters online.

      2. It worries me greatly that dirty & abusive schofield has been protected by the folk around him, like Saville was protected by met police, judges, celebrity friends! Bring back hanging for rapists & pedophiles like schofield, before he’s dead & gets away with it! Has itv become the pedophiles hideout? Like the BBC was not that long ago!

  2. I just hope that, if there is any truth in these rumours, ITV are not allowed to cover it up. They myst be seen to do the right thing!!!

    1. This is a very good, well written article. I think it’s pretty obvious that PS was shafting this young man. I’ve watched this morning since the announcement and PS seems different, not so bubbly and giggly. I think he’s waiting for the proverbial to hit the fan

      1. Schofield has always tried to come across as Mr squeaky clean but I think he’s far from it I think he’s been courting young men for years and having sex with them behind his wife’s back somebody knew I side to Mr squeaky clean that he didn’t want people to know and was about to lift the lid on it and open a can of worms so his advisors probably told him out yourself before that somebody it for you and that somebody probably received a little sweetener in a brown envelope to keep it dark

    2. Absolutely right, the bbc covered up for their “star” paedo, saville, for countless years. Johnny rotten/lydon spoke of it in an interview back in the day, saying how it was all hushed up! If ps is gay, that’s his business, but if he’s been grooming minors using his fame and success then make the bastard pay for what he’s done.

      1. Yes, I it definitely not seems all to covered up. I have to hope that once this coronvirus stops. Scholfield should be held accountable, and anyone else who has supported his dirty secrets. Phedaphoplie comes to mind.

      2. Truth will out. However shame on all those that have known about this and kept quiet.

    3. The perv knew the boy from aged 10 he obviously groomed him it will all come out about the slimy predator

  3. Very good article, you could also add that George Bamby-Salvador has said Matthew was trying to sell his story to the press so Phil got in there first. He’s a well known journalist, check him on facebook.

    Also Matthew has been given the boot off Dancing On Ice, he was on the end credits up until the last two weeks, so it could be that Phil didn’t want him on the same program he was on.

    Having him sacked from working on that show could have been the trigger for PS to have to come out as gay (timing of it coincides)

    Vid here has the info…

    1. That says it all perfectly.
      In addition; no online newspaper is accepting any negative comments about PS. Super injunctions could have been taken out on all the press.
      Accounts on Twitter mentioning MM and PS are being closed down.

  4. Brave? I don’t think so! Hiding behind a sham of a marriage is cowardly . He would have continued to do so had his imminent exposure not forced him to come out. His sexuality isn’t the issue ….. it’s the calculated pretence of being a family man whilst, all along, grooming young boys for his own pleasure. He should be vilified, not praised …. he’s no better than Jimmy Saville & Rolf Harris.

      1. Rubbish if he was innocent why did he not hire a legal team to take his accusers to court for false alagations and slander

  5. Gosh, so many “opinions”. It’s a tragedy that the sort of reactions we’re seeing on tattle are going to have such a detrimental effect on the VAST number of older adults who have yet to come out from within their marriage.

    The responses to the alleged relationship with the runner is also likely to trigger great shame within such individuals surrounding an issue which we see very commonly in these scenarios. Most commonly individuals suppress their true sexuality in their teens, thus rooting their trauma at this age. Therefore we very commonly see an interest in younger adult from older adults as they start to accept and open up about their true sexuality. Equally, it’s then very common to see a return to a lifestyle which is linked to a much younger generation too (partying, drinking). All very, very normal and part of the healing process.

    Of course, if there was any grooming or underage interactions then we move into very different territory. But before such things are shown to be true, instead we set back a community which has fought for centuries for acceptance, we shame innocent people and I think health professionals across the country will weep at the damage being done…..for the sake of gossip.

    1. Making excuses for nonces ay? People like you are why the victims get slapped with all the shame and scumbags like PS go around lamenting for pity after getting caught. Ghislaine Maxwell & Kevin Spacey are PERFECT examples.
      You better not be justifying this sick behaviour to youngsters but having been nonced myself, I can tell that is your shtick.
      Dirty wrongun

  6. Even when PS did his coming out speech he looked shifty and not sincere so I guessed (as many others had too), that there was a reason for him to do so !!
    I’m glad people are talking about it, perhaps as ITV are not allowing papers to give us the truth, we should stop watching the sleazeball so the ratings drop and he’ll be down the road !!!!!!!!!

  7. Can’t believe what he’s done to his poor wife after the years of loyalty she’s given him or did she know and stayed with him for the lifestyle of wealth. Just saying!🤔

    1. Who cares why she stayed with him. She’s a married woman with 2 children. She didn’t make him have affairs with young boys.

    2. Used to think he was a nice family man , just shows how wrong a lot of people were , disgusting that he done this to his wife , feel sorry for her , hope you finds herself a real loving partner , she deserved someone nice after this

  8. I sort of felt sorry for his wife but she must have known he was gay. Maybe she loved the lifestyle he provided and went along with it. He doesn’t seem to look the same these days though after coming out. I always said he was tooooo perfect for a family man.

    1. Well, it isn’t her fault, but you seem to be doing the USA thing, where whatever a man does, it’s the fault of a woman. It’s a shame British society has to be affected by that sick culture that mutilate baby boys for non medical reasons, so many USA males grow up spending too much time online being incels and trying to take out their issues on women.

  9. Can’t actually be bothered with him anyway all so called big stars think they can get away with anything they want, I feel sorry for his wife and daughters, who are caught up with him living a lie, now we have to feel sorry for him

    1. Yeah he’s pulling a Kevin spacey! Sorry but being gay is fine – but to then match it with grooming underage boys? It just makes us (gay person) look real bad, all the connotations and assumptions now that cis people will have

  10. This Morning has been rubbish since Richard and Judy left. It was good for a while with Fern Briton, but she left due to being paid a lot less than Philip. Holly is vapid. Although it’s a bit better when Ruth and Eamon are on, as they act like real professional reporters.
    This Morning seems to have joined in with the rest of ITV day time, to dumb down society. Employing Rylan who entered a TV singing competition as stepping stone to get a job on TV screaming with joy about attention seeking schemes of talentless celebs. Then there’s Coleen Nolan on after screaming with joy when talentless celebs sell their children into the celeb industry.

  11. He can’t even read out his own confession, has to get his side kick to do it for him! Obvs about to be outed and thought he would get in first. I would think the runner would have a good case for unfair dismissal and sexual harassment/grooming as well. And as for all the colleagues at ITV that have covered up for him for years, they should be ashamed of themselves!

    1. Dont you want to know what your tv licence fee is being spent on ? I would if i had one and id be seriously pissed off if it was used to cover up some sick tv presenters ilegal fiddling with a junior ,

  12. He is a sleaze ball and tv should sack him he is nothing more than a child groomer he as lived a lie to us all watching this morning always thought he was a phoney something to hide

  13. Looks like enough for a Police investigation. Is this yet another case of a celebrity with the tacit complicity of the media and the entertainment industry to shield yet another predator. Maybe we should have thought more about a man who’s claim to fame was fisting a felt rodent live on children’s TV…

  14. Well clearly Schofield is a liar….for the past 27 years at least ! Anything connected with his life is always going to be doubtful now. Liars never change their spots.

  15. Willoughby comes out of this with little credibility too. She has kids of her own and knowing that he was grooming a young kid yet chooses to take her family holidays with Schofield and presents him as a gentle and caring man st the NTAs.. Both should go..They have enjoyed big salaries and with Schofield now advertising on “I’ll do any’ they have become too big for their boots.

  16. P.S. is another sly, two faced, manipulative, deceitful child groomer. He actually makes me want to throw up. His hypocrisy is nauseating and his arrogance to all viewers is grotesque. His poor wife and daughters how can they overcome the lies of living with a liar.

      1. I better cancel my Gin club subscription ! Dont want that bastard knocking on my door my neighbours would lynch me

  17. Never liked him or Holly, come across as fake and smug. If this is true, then he is just another hypocrite like the rest of them, Barrymore, Prince Andrew, Rolf Harris, Saville and the rest. Wonder how many colluded with this.
    Time for the truth to be told. I’m sick of having these people protected. Jax

  18. The Instagram video link isn’t working – did you take a recording before it was removed. Also per the GMB interview Perez said there were rumours Of ‘inappropriateness’.

  19. Do we actually know this is true or are we just all jumping on the ‘bash a celebrity’ bandwagon? Wait until we know the truth. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. Then, IF we find out it’s true, those of you who are absolutely perfect/clean/have never done anything they wish they hadn’t, can criticise ’til the cows come home.

  20. We were sat in the office at work when we heard that he had come out as gay, some were surprised but others not.

    The first thing everyone said was “his poor wife”, the first thing everyone asked was, why now? Who has got something on him? Spacey was also mentioned… I’m not surprised that he is gay, always thought he was anyway. I am however shocked that he has been behaving this way and everyone has let it carry on.

  21. Let’s hear what Matthew McGreevy has to say. This may turn into something very similar to what’s happening with Prince Andrew…but the meeja probably wont allow that to happen to one of their own

    1. How can he say anything? He will have had a gagging order and probably a large pay off. I would like to know at what age did he first stay in PS’s London flat. 15,16,17,or 18? Amanda Holden has hinted. Time for her to say more. Being gay, no problem, having sex with young underage boys, huge problem. This could be the biggest cover up on TV. Shame on ITV if true.

  22. I just hope McGreevy doesnt do any harm to himself. This must be having a real impact on him and his mental state. As far as Schofield goes, I have no sympathy. As others have said, he is in league with other celebs who groom children. ITV should hold an investigation and police should also be looking into this. I feel for his wife and daughters. Some betrayals can never be forgiven and I reckon he has made the biggest one of all.

  23. Well, well, well..yet another overpaid person on our screens selling a lie for so many years. The pain and anguish he has caused so many viewers, sitting there interviewing so many peoples with sad stories,true victims in our society And we are supposed to believe that it took this amount of time for him to come out as GAY. It is an insult to our intelligence for anyone involved in the production of the program to believe none of you, including other presenters had no idea of his long standing affair with the innocent young man Matthew. How awful is it that this young man has gone from all out there speak. If I were his mother I would not accept money as compensation paid stories etc for him or accept any form of the same directly to your son.
    We all need to be accountable for our actions, just like the PETER BELL CASE???AND MANY OTHERS TOO DISGUSTING TO EVEN TYPE THEIR NAMES.
    Your trophies should be removed and the show stopped until further investigations. It happened to Jeremy Kyle for his dealings within his show.
    Most of all to sit on your own show and discuss your mental ill health and thoughts of suicide is not clever to win sympathy for the path you chose to take, it is awful to use your platform.
    The rest of suffer for real and I ma very sure your mental ill health will climax as the real truth unfolds.
    An absence of leave and then going public without the crutch and involvement of the show would have served you better.
    I and others hope you take time out and take a long overdue look at yourself in the mirror.
    YOU HAVE MADE YOUR VIEWERS VICTIMS OF YOUR OWN GREED , anyone who knew is as guilty, the did not protect that boy.

  24. “Schofield would openly socialise with the other gay men on This Morning, often taking them ‘under his wing’.
    Schofield would support men struggling to cope with their sexuality, including one runner who he ended up mentoring. ”

    That is called ‘grooming’. Using his position to manipulate and seduce young vulnerable lads. We could be looking at another Savile situation.

  25. I totally agree that he should be pulled from presenting all programmes and his behaviour investigated. There is one thing being gay but another when there is a suggestion of grooming. The thought of this makes me feel sick. Knock him off his pedestal he doesn’t deserve to be there

  26. I’ve like Holly and Philip for years. I agree with so many on here. Innocent until found guilty, but he hasn’t ‘come out ‘ at the age 59 after 27 years of marriage for nothing !! He has always been a rather ‘smug’ presenter. If he has been doing these terrible things to a youngster or youngsters he has got to pay the price. He cant get away with the abuse and trauma he has caused a young boy. If this is true I certainly think Holly would not know the extent of what’s been going on. Don’t forget as well as hiding behind his wife and daughters he will have been hiding behind her too. The family holidays together etc would all be a ‘front’ to PS. She comes over as a genuine person and is extremely talented. She has two children of her own. I cannot see her ‘supporting ‘ or ‘covering’ for him. Theres something fishy going on and if anyone is covering for him its ITV but as we must remember he’s ‘Innocent until proven guilty ‘

  27. It’s time someone told the truth about that “smug faced” Philip Schofield. He thinks he can silence everyone. He’s a dirty old man & he makes me feel sick.

  28. You should watch the spitting image on YouTube entitled I’m not gay. That is from decades ago so that fact that such a video was made says it all. It’s very funny. Maybe soon the song will vanish from youtube
    What the media seems to be doing is what they did under savile.
    Seems they have not learned anything.

  29. Another thing you should share is the picture of of philip with Matthew taken when Matthew was 12.
    Philip was a patron I believe with the dance school matthew was in.
    Funny thing as soon as this was revealed the dance school website vanished from the internet.
    See for yourself
    ITV must have learnt from the bbc how to brush things under the rug.

  30. I think its absolutely disgraceful that Philip Schofield can take out a super injunction so none of his sordid grooming indiscretions with MM and how many more young impressionable people, are made public by the newspapers and yet ITV continue to employ the slimey bastard. Shame on them all !!!! They all deserve to be hauled before the courts and made accountable because while this sort of behaviour is allowed to continue by turning a blind eye to it, we will never make any progress in protecting the younger people of our society who can’t stand up for themselves. It appears we have learnt nothing from all the hundreds of paedophile cases linked to celebrities, that have been uncovered in the past few years !!!!!!!

    1. So what’s happened to all the Phillip Scofield attention ,I know we are knee deep in the virus , He must be so relieved . But as the saying goes no smoke without fire.

  31. Sick sick sick if we weren’t in lock down I would be protesting outside ITV studios that’s for sure! Where is the justice system why aren’t the police investigating. The victims of Saville are still trying to get over their abuse and being let down by the system! Don’t allow any more lives be destroyed by paedophiles.

  32. No, being gay does not make you a peadophile. Although,being famous and making contact with a fifteen year old is GROOMING in any language.

  33. I am dumbfounded that this smarmy prat is being hailed brave.
    Cheating your family for over 20 years is anything but .
    Gay or straight he is a deceitful liar watched their Xmas shows together zero chemistry you could see a very odd relationship instantly.

  34. Philip Schofield has always been a sleezy low life with a fake smile and TV personality which fool only the very gullible . Everyone involved with him know what he’s like and its despicable of them to cover for this slimy reptile to protect their own interests !
    His lies are now on view ..true colours ablaze, this horrid little pervert should have the full wrath of what he deserves from all side, then maybe this self important, lying, queue jumping and child grooming manipulative weirdo will understand that he is not untouchable


    Mr Simon SCHOFIELD
    Filter appointments
    Filter appointmentsCurrent appointments
    Total number of appointments 2
    Date of birth
    September 1983
    THE 2 FACED THEATRE CIC (07280389)
    Company status
    Correspondence address
    2 Sheffield Road, New Mill, Holmfirth, England, HD9 7JT
    Appointed on
    11 June 2011
    Country of residence
    Company status
    Correspondence address
    2 Sheffield Road, New Mill, West Yorkshire, HD9 7JT
    Appointed on
    26 March 2008
    Country of residence
    Sales Executive

  36. I think you must be incredibly naive, and I wonder if you are properly following the story and absorbing the information? He met the lad when he was aged 10 – followed him on twitter at the age of 15 – helps him get a job on TV not long afterwards. ‘Took him under his wing’ as everyone said – treats him with preferential treatment and obvious favouritism – has lots of meals out with him when he was 16 – 18, sounds very much like grooming to me. Schofield is a fake and I’ve always thought so – he is a horrible person, and this is an outrageous scandal. Watch this space, many more heads will roll.

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