Style Me Sunday Criticised For Aldi Advert Where She Plays Being Poor

style me sunday aldi advert

Natalie Lee otherwise known as her Instagram handle stylemesunday has received a backlash for her latest advert with Aldi.

In the now edited paid for post she spoke about how she was going to show people how to feed your family for £25 and ended it with the hashtag MyPoorestDay

Aldi has challenged me to feed my family of 4 for a whole week – breakfast, lunch and dinner for £25 to see if it’s possible. January is probably the hardest month of the year financially for most people, so I’m interested to see if I can feed my family with a well-balanced and nutritious weeks food shop. What do you think? Follow along on my stories to see how I get on.. #MyPoorestDay

People were quick to jump on the mum influencer that she’s playing poor and it’s very insensitive to people that have to stick to a budget.

stylemesunday advert

Users called the social media influencers Aldi advert tone death and she claimed she wasn’t trying to understand the struggles of people on a budget.

style me sunday playing poor aldi

Others were critical that one of her dinners for the family consisted of just pasta with garlic granules sprinkled on.

Most of the budget meal ideas were carb-heavy and low in nutrition.

All the most liked comments were from followers that were unhappy and found the “challenge” insulting.

stylemesunday edited hashtag aldi

The hashtag MyPoorestDay was removed from the post.

The Daily Mail and the Mirror both reported on the story. But failed to say it was an advert that Aldi paid for, and instead made it sound like it was a blogger that set themself a challenge.

Article from the Mail Online that worrying does not state it was all an advert.

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