The Most liked Tattle Life Messages of 2019

We’ve collated the 20 most liked messages on the gossip forum tattle life below. Please be warned that tattlers have robust opinions and may use bad language at times. 20 #41 guess who’s back, back again, edgys back tell Boden. 19 Thread suggestion: Swiping 9 to 5, easy way to make a living, freebies… Continue reading The Most liked Tattle Life Messages of 2019

Part Time Working Mummy #2

A second open latter to Part Time Working Mummy I’ve had a look at Louisa Zissman’s stories after reading about them on MOD’s thread. I’m so glad she’s understanding what Tattle is all about… it’s just gossip, with some unpleasant comments that are easy to scroll past and some valid, articulate discussions regarding our concerns… Continue reading Part Time Working Mummy #2