Why Infuencers Are So Insidious

Totally agree with this post from Claire Maxwell about why Infuencers are such a problem.
the problem with infuencers

Infuencera truth


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  2. @lovekeels being a prime example of insidious….bullying, harassing and stalking…you and your pathetic sheep should be ashamed.

  3. What’s the difference between an influencer advertising a sofa they have been given, or Kylie Jenner/Kim Kardashian/Cheryl Tweedy/Kate Moss/Owen Wilson advertising products they clearly never use or see again after filming the advert.

    It is a marketing tactic from the brands to get people to see the product, like the product, want the product and ultimately buy the product.

    If I can’t afford a sofa on a DFS advert I don’t curl up in a ball and cry blaming the world for my insecurities, I simply pass on by and carry on with my day.

    The same rule applies for instagram/facebook/twitter, if I don’t like the advert or feel the need to see it, I scroll on by and carry on with my day!

    This is the new generation of advertising, for the company it is cheap (cost of the product rather than a TV commercial) the influencer gets a “gift” and the viewer still gets to see the product.

    The majority of people these days watch things on demand, rather than on traditional TV with adverts, so the companies are changing tact, that is it.

    1. The issue is when they are not being honest about it being an advert. It’s very different to traditional broadcast or print adverts where it was obvious what was an advert. On social media the lines are blurred between what is content and what is an advert. All people want is transparency

  4. I was thinking today, the word social influencer seems have taken over from what talentless celebs used to be. I’ve often thought the whole media trying to get people to admire talentless celebs is part of a scheme to dumb down society. Where certain over hyped, dumb but big egoed and attention seeking families like Kardashians and Beckhams are used to get people to not want more in life than sell dumb stories to magazines, in return for constant promotion more than they’re worth.
    The idea of what’s stylish seems to have been lowered to the standards of absolute trash worse than most people, so those kind of dumb but attention seeking talentless celebs can be promoted, and selling their kids into the talentless celeb industry seems to be part of the deal, as the kids are rarely encouraged to do anything useful.

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